Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Time

Dane and I weren't in town for Easter, but we still got to be a part of the ward Easter Egg Hunt. I also got some shots of the kids in their Easter attire the Sunday before Easter. Don't worry the Easter Bunny still made it to grandma's house (where the kids were staying).

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not the best on keeping up on my blog!

Layla just had her 1st birthday. Yeah! I am happy to say we are settled in our new old townhouse. It is kind of crazy that both Logan and Layla celebrated their first birthdays in the same house. I think it is safe to say that they will not be sharing their second birthday experience in Poky.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Half Way Move

I hate the half way move. (Logan would be mad at me if he knew I was using the word hate) I know that a lot of you have experienced it. It's when you are living some where, usually the parents basement, for a short time, but not long enough to justify unpacking everything you own. So you have a bunch of boxes in the storage and only the essentials are unpacked. It is a lot easier to unpack the essentials when you don't have a baby to unpack for. It seems like all of Layla's things are essentials. And being the unorganized packers that we are all of her stuff seems to be in different boxes. I am in my mother-in-law's basement everyday looking for something that is packed away. Today is the bottles, yesterday was the breast pump. Who knows what it will be tomorrow. I am counting down the weeks until we can move into our town house. I am greatful that we don't have to pay our mortgage and we are practically living for free. I guess that is why we tolerate the half way move.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nielsen Update

So we are moving out of Poky on Tuesday. I am getting super excited, but I am dreading the pack. Dane as been packing little by little for the last couple of months. I know it is good, but I hate it because I can never find anything. We have a slight change of plans. We aren't actually moving into our town-house until the middle of August because our renters want to stay until then. Good thing I have a super awesome mom-in-law that is letting us live with her for 6 weeks. After we move we are off to Disneyland with the Davis side of the family. I am very excited for Logan to go to Disneyland. Hopefully he doesn't poo his pants with excitement. Speaking of... potty training is going awesome. He has gone in the toilet every time for the last two weeks, so I am crossing my fingers that he is completely potty trained. Minus night-time of course. I haven't even attempted to conquer that mountain yet. Adios Idaho!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Our time in Poky has almost come to an end. Part of me is a little sad, but the other part of me is super excited to move back into our old home. That's right, old neighbors, we are coming back. So look for our moving van some time the end of June beginning of July. Unless of course you don't want to help us unload. Hee Hee! Dane got a job at Alpine School District as a School Psychologist.

Here a just a few of the luxuries I am anxious to get back to.
1. Family
2. Old Friends
3. Dish washer
4. Garbage disposal
5. Ice Machine
6. Counter space
7. Playground in our backyard (Logan is going to be stoked)
8. 700 more square feet

I am going to miss the people in Poky and the valuable lessons I've learned about being grateful for what I have. I wouldn't have traded this experience if I could do it all over again.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Potty Training!

So, I told myself not to worry about potty training Logan until he was 3 years old. Well his third birthday has come and gone. So a couple of weeks ago we started "The Process". Everyone told me to wait until he is ready, but as far as I am concerned Logan would be content to be in a diaper for the rest of his life. It doesn't bother him that I have to wiped his stinky butt everyday. He thinks it is hilarious! I'm over it... the butt wiping must end. So Logan does a pretty good job of going on the potty when we are inside our house, but I get the inside headache and have to go outside at least once a day. I have just been putting pull ups on Logan when we go out, but he treats them just like a diaper. I got brave one day and decided to run some errands with Logan and his underwear, instead of a pull up. He had three pee accidents in two hours. I only brought one change of clothes, luckily the last accident was at a store were we could purchase some new underwear. I am getting pretty tired of the potty process. Does any one have any words of wisdom for me?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Logan!

Logan had his 3rd birthday today, well I guess technically yesterday. He is such a sweet boy. He loved every second of his birthday. We are down in Utah this week. So last night I put his presents on Sue's kitchen table. This morning he woke up before me, of course! Mommy loves her sleep. Even though I told him yes the first time he came in my room 5 times asking if he could open his presents. He was so excited. He loved his new Mr. Potato Head and Lightning McQueen shirt and matching jacket (that really lights up). As far as Logan is concerned, I am the coolest mom ever. I love that he is satisfied with birthday gifts under $20. I wonder how long that will last? Anyways...so I had to draw the line when he asked if he could eat his birthday cake for breakfast. I took him to Cabella's to look at the real stuffed animals (good thing I am not a member of PETA) and the fish. It was our first time and Logan thought it was pretty cool. At night we met Grandpa Doog at Chuckie Cheese's. Logan loves that place. He has been asking for months to go there for his birthday. We finished the night off at my favorite restaurant, McDonalds. Maybe I am the coolest mom ever. I haven't met any moms that loves McDonalds as much as me. We had a blast today. I think the b-day festivities were a success. I'd have to say that Logan is starting to become my new BFF. Sorry Dane, you are going to have to step up your game!